Wednesday, December 18, 2013

AssertionException in IBM Connections

We had an odd scenario with a Novell directory, where the uid attribute was mapped in another attribute.  To support this scenario first we had to modify wimconfig.xml into WebSphere configuration to expose uid as another attribute (edit under <config:attributeConfiguration> )

  <config:attributes name="customUid" propertyName="uid">

then after mapping in TDI scripts, into the following,

we noticed that every user trying to accessing got an exception like this one

AssertionException: Unsupported access by user with no profile: cn=FRANCESCO DE COLLIBUS,ou=users,dc=test,dc=com

Making the SQL query

connect to PEOPLEDB
select * from EMPINST.EMPLOYEE where PROF_SURNAME like '%De Collibus%'
my record in database was correctly found

So we deployed snoop servlet and we noticed how the user was presenting himself to the Connections

The UserPrincipal and the RemoteUser, both contained DistinguishedName.
So  into we mapped

We ran a sync_all_dns script, and now users can correctly access.

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