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Hibernate Stored Procedure with first parameter not "OUT"

I spent some days trying to call a Stored Procedure through Hibernate. I used CreateSQLQuery  and I made my own custom transformer, but I could not get it work. I keep geeting Wrong Type and Parameter of procedure exception.

My procedure was like the following

    procedure GET_BY_EMPLOYEE (
      , P_DATE_FROM  in       date
      , P_DATE_TO    in       date
      , P_REF           out      CURSORREFERENCETYPE);

After days of searching, I found this

For Oracle the following rules apply:

A function must return a result set. The first parameter of a procedure must be an OUT that returns a result set. This is done by using a SYS_REFCURSOR type in Oracle 9 or 10. In Oracle you need to define aREF CURSOR type. See Oracle literature for further information.
So there is no way to get this procedure to work in hibernate. I will use a plain JDBCTemplate.